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Muslim Terrorists Are in Mexico

My novel, ROGUE PATRIOT, shows how Islamic extremists and Muslim terrorists are aware of America’s vulnerability via the Mexico border. Here’s just one example from recent news coverage.

Why won’t our government secure the Mexico border?

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Dems Use Illegals as Props

According to The Foundry, the Conservative Policy News Blog from the Heritage Foundation, President Obama is once again attempting to circumvent OUR Constitution to further his and the Democratic Party’s collective personal agenda.

You and I know all too well what both political parties are trying to do. It’s just that Obama and the Dems are in power, for the time being, and are making blatant attempts to buy future votes. It will be a sad day for America if the entitlement mentality of existing politicians prevails. That’s what’s at stake–more votes for a free ride on the backs of all LEGAL Americans who pay taxes while the government ignores the will of the majority. If we allow this to continue, illegals will join the ranks of millions of non-taxpaying people. The result will be a new majority of people who want the government to support them.

What do you think? How do you feel about this?

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Frenzy Before Book Launch

Frenzy Before Book Launch

My Media Trip to NYC a huge success!

I returned from the Big Apple exhausted, but electrified with excitement. If that weren’t enough, my local media activity is all coming together at the same time.

The primary benefit from the trip is I learned how to talk to the media in terms they can understand. What that means is this -  how could I satisfy their audience?

It really has nothing to do with my novel, ROGUE PATRIOT, unless of course, that’s what they think their audience wants to hear about. More importantly, I now have a platform from which to speak about certain issues that their audience cares more about. Namely, Border Security and Illegal Immigration.

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The Birth Certificate Question

Does the President put party politics ahead of the country?

I’m not one of those “birthers”, but seeing and listening to Donald Trump talk about this subject makes me rethink the question. There are enough truly concerned Americans with unanswered questions on this matter to raise a red flag.

It should be easy to provide proof of his birth in the United States. Barack Obama could simply show his birth certificate and everyone would shut up. Instead, it appears his political party would rather use this to further divide the nation by playing the “race card”. To him, his own renomination is of overriding importance . . . to the detriment of everything else.

This issue might not have persisted if it were not for the fact that Barack Obama has misled our country on so many issues and seems so inept at leadership. Just sayin’.

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Publishing Predictions for 2011

Publishing Predictions for 2011

I think there’s a lot of truth to what Coker says.

According to Smashwords founder Mark Coker, indie eBook authors are becoming more professional and sophisticated, and they’re starting to climb the best-seller charts without the assistance of a publisher. 2011 will be the first year traditional publishers feel the need to compete against the indie ebook alternative. Here are Coker’s predictions for the new year:

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