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Who are America’s “workers”?

Who are America’s “workers”?

Did you ever wonder why union leaders constantly hit you over the head with how hard they’re fighting for “workers” and the rights of “the worker”?

Yet union membership is barely 7% of private sector jobs.

If you work for a company as a non-union employee, aren’t you still a “worker”?

In a minute I’ll tell you how this fits in with the “dirty little secret” politicians don’t want you to know about. Unions are just one piece of it.

We’ve been duped by the rhetoric of labor unions far too long now. With the help of liberal media and many career politicians, they would have the country believe that unions, and onlyunions, have the best interests of workers in mind. What they are engaged in is the class warfare espoused by most liberals.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka makes the news a lot now that he has an ally in the White House. He even brags about how often he talks to the President.

Earlier this month, both Trumka and Hoffa created quite a stir in the media. When asked, Trumka refused to denounce the vitriolic rhetoric that his fellow union leader, Teamsters President James Hoffa, espoused in a speech on Labor Day.

It is uncanny how much those two labor leaders look alike, which reminds me of the often-violent history of the labor movement, especially in its infancy when unions often resorted to violence to protect their members and the gains they’d made for them, and whenever they felt threatened. It seems logical that physically big men, the strongest and the toughest men, would rise to leadership positions.

By the 1950s, America discovered that corruption and organized crime ran wild within unions. Afterward, their influence in America declined dramatically. Despite this, most people agree that unions were a force for good in those long-ago days when manufacturers ruled our economy.

Do unions march in lockstep with liberals, progressives, and Democrats to Saul Alinsky’s book,Rules for Radicals? Ever since Glenn Beck exposed this as liberals’ true agenda on his Fox Newsshows, it seems to many Americans that they are all working in unison.

This is why I believe unions use the media to engage in class-warfare tactics, to constantly drum the term “workers” into our heads at every opportunity. The truth is that unions need the support of the other 92% of America to justify their existence. The only workers the unions really care about are the ones who pay union dues which feed the fat, bloated salaries of union leaders.

But, they’re not satisfied. They must protect and preserve what they have. The only way to stay relevant in today’s world is to grow. The best way to grow, in their minds, is to convince the vast majority of the country that they’re “fighting for you”. (Ever hear a politician use that phrase?)

In reality, they just want you to add to their bloated coffers so they can manipulate you into voting for political candidates who will in turn allow the unions to gain more entitlements from you, the taxpayer.

And if unions comprise little more than 7% of the private sector labor force, where do union leaders get off saying they’re looking out for you?

Here’s what’s really scary though—unions have gained a whopping, nearly 40%, foothold in public sector jobs. Ever wonder why government jobs pay so much more than comparable private sector jobs?

Makes you think about why the Democrats want to grow government, doesn’t it? The alliance between unions and politicians is just one piece of the puzzle. It fits in with the “dirty little secret” I promised to disclose to you that politicians don’t want you to know:

It’s all about votes.

This is the dirty little secret politicians want to hide from you and me. Many, but not all, politicians who have become entrenched in the Washington, DC establishment mindset will do anything to further their power and that of their political party.

It’s all about votes.

Some of you may have figured it out already.

Here is another part of the puzzle: legalizing illegals. Why?

To get their votes. At our expense!

It’s what I write about in my political thrillers.

Help me expose this “dirty little secret” while there is still time for us to make a difference—before America, as we once knew her, irrevocably changes beyond our control.

My novels are meant to entertain readers of suspense and readers of thrillers. At the same time, I hope to help people think about the political implications of major issues in our country.

I invite you to express your feelings here. Leave a comment. Pass this on to your friends. Together, we can spread the message and educate one another—before it is too late.

American Exceptionalism
Hope For Our Country

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Monday, 26 February 2018

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