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Video Evidence of The Dirty Little Secret

Video Evidence of The Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been writing about the dirty little secret for years. It even comes up in my political thriller, ROGUE PATRIOT.

The dirty little secret BOTH political parties try to hide from us is that they really have no interest in securing the Mexico border because they do NOT want to solve the illegal immigration problem.

You need to watch this 6-minute video. But, caution! It will make your blood boil.


13 WTHR Indianapolis


The sad fact is, politicians from both parties hope to BUY the votes of illegals. Whichever party gives away the most entitlements or allows them to have the most free-reign over our “systems”, stands to win millions more voters. And we’re paying for it!

Isn’t that just peachy? Doesn’t it just frost you? Well, hold on to your hat. Now we have documented PROOF on video.

WTHR-TV, the NBC Affiliate in Indianapolis, IN, has conducted some timely investigative journalism and uncovered proof that our government is ALLOWING around 2 million illegals to game our tax code. The cost has skyrocketed to more than $4 billion per year. And this is just ONE way taxpayers are being ripped off by illegals.

Feel free to share this with all your friends. I hope you will also leave a comment here to let me know how this makes you feel.

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Friday, 15 December 2017

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