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The Flaw Our Founders Failed to Foresee

The Flaw Our Founders Failed to Foresee
You can see the perversion of America’s Constitution taking place right before your eyes. It may soon reach a crisis point. Could America’s founders have foreseen this?
As genius as our founders were in building safeguards into the Constitution, how could they have envisioned what is now happening to America—the deliberate perversion of the Constitution and the outright gaming of every pillar of our republic—judicial, economic, social, religious, educational, and even political.
It sounded so good to them back then. It would become the greatest leap forward for mankind the world had ever known. How radical. Imagine—voting people into government office who would actually represent the people who voted them into office—and if the representatives proved untrustworthy, the voting citizenry could just vote them out in the next election by voting someone else in. Foolproof, or so they thought.

In the 1700s, life was slower, simpler. It took days, weeks, even months to communicate with people around the country. Replacing a representative was merely an election away. Waiting a few years to replace a senator or three to four years to replace the president was no big deal.
They were incapable of foreseeing the perversion that exists today. Our founders were men of immense integrity. They never expected that our elected representatives would replace duty to their country with self-interest and self-preservation. At least not to this extent. They never saw service and duty to country as a union-organized career path to wealth and personal power at the expense of everyday citizens.

They couldn’t have imagined today’s instant information and communication via the internet, 24/7 news, or video going viral.

How could they have imagined a future president or political party pitting groups and classes of citizens against one another purely for political gain while ignoring what is best for the country?

Because of their oversight, today we are forced to endure the pain and humiliation of knowing many voters were lulled into electing someone with a radical agenda. There were clues, but because we were told (just before the election) our economy would collapse without bailouts and things would change once he was elected, he won. Remember the quote, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? It was a near-perfect situation for radicals. They intended to take more advantage of it once they took power. Fortunately for us, we woke up. Did we wake up in time?

This situation did not come about by accident. Evidence shows that radicals since at least the 1960s have been following rules of conduct meant to overwhelm government social programs to the point collapse. Why isn’t the president and his party interested in fiscal policies that would promote a favorable business environment to create jobs and more prosperity? Why won’t they control spending? Why do they prefer to perpetuate government-dependency policies? Why do they want citizens to depend on the government instead of their own abilities?

Could the reason be that the longer the country is suffering economically, the more likely it is that people will demand help from the government? At some point, all someone would need to do is step forward and promise more entitlements to “save” the people. At some point we, who would rather determine our own livelihood, could become the minority. Then we will have lost our rights to liberty and to the pursuit of happiness.

Nearly half of the country is living off government entitlements and hollering for still more and more handouts. Their growing numbers mean that soon we may not even be able to vote the politicians out of office.

What are the majority (so far) of patriotic American citizens supposed to do as our country gradually disintegrates before our eyes? What can we do, short of outright anarchy?

I don’t think anarchy is the answer and I hate to think how it could affect the country’s survival. But, for many patriotic American’s, enduring four more years would be worse.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Is America being hijacked?
Can the country survive until the next presidential election?
Is the pain irreversible?
Is it too late already?

I believe there are enough grass-roots Americans working to make a difference. It won’t be easy. Freedom never is.


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Friday, 15 December 2017

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