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Frenzy Before Book Launch

Frenzy Before Book Launch

My Media Trip to NYC a huge success!

I returned from the Big Apple exhausted, but electrified with excitement. If that weren’t enough, my local media activity is all coming together at the same time.

The primary benefit from the trip is I learned how to talk to the media in terms they can understand. What that means is this -  how could I satisfy their audience?

It really has nothing to do with my novel, ROGUE PATRIOT, unless of course, that’s what they think their audience wants to hear about. More importantly, I now have a platform from which to speak about certain issues that their audience cares more about. Namely, Border Security and Illegal Immigration.

I’m already getting local TV and radio attention. What is fantastic is I have more than a dozen major talk-radio shows interested in booking me sometime in May. National TV is more of a long-shot. However, one local NYC TV station is trying to figure out how to use me, and two Fox News producers have put me in their Rolodex for when these issues become hot news items again. You and I both know it won’t be long.

Your comments are welcome. What do you think?

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Monday, 26 February 2018

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