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Epic Viral Video Rant Against Obama (Language Warning)

Epic Viral Video Rant Against Obama (Language Warning)

This YouTube video is destined to go viral. A YouTube comedian named Felonious Munk put together this rant, but be forewarned–it contains LOTS of profanity. If you can stomach the foul language, watch the original version here because it’s really VERY FUNNY. If you prefer to watch an edited version, Glenn Beck has it on his website.

What’s great about this video rant is the fact that it’s not about any one political party. Munk vents the frustrations millions of patriotic Americans have felt for a long time. Let’s hope that something like this ends up doing some good for the country. We need something positive to happen.

Hope For Our Country
Patriotism Lives

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Monday, 26 February 2018

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